What To Know About Repairing Springs On Your Garage Door

When you purchased your home, you probably had the garage door inspected along with the rest of the house. Though this usually catches most issues, sometimes things like garage door springs are overlooked. You may have forgotten about it, until you woke up and the garage door would not open. That is when you probably thought about the springs and how one would likely need to be replaced. Before you get started on your garage door spring repair, consider a few things you should know. [Read More]

Troubleshooting A Garage Door That Won't Open

When your garage door stops working with the car in the garage, things can get hectic pretty quickly. It is easy to stare at the unmoving panel at the end of your garage and think that you have no choice but to call in professionals. On the other hand, you can save yourself a little bit of money by trying to do some troubleshooting on your own before you call in reinforcements. [Read More]

3 Tips To Properly Lubricate Your Garage Door

Your garage door provides you with a number of added features to your home. For example, it provides insulation, protection, and adds a layer of privacy and convenience to your home. There are a number of problems that can befall your garage door, however. A commonplace issue revolving around your garage door is that it is not properly maintained. Among the ways in which a garage door is not properly maintained includes not properly lubricating it. [Read More]

Chain, Belt, And Screw: Top Maintenance Tips For Each Type Of Garage Door Opener

Motorized garage door openers make opening and shutting your garage door a snap even in the coldest and stormiest of weather. But garage door openers, like any other appliance, require some routine maintenance so that the opener continues to operate to the best of its ability. There are a few maintenance tips that apply whether you have a chain, screw, or belt drive garage door opener. If you want to perform deeper maintenance, consult your owner's manual for tips or ask a garage door service technician to come in and walk you through the best practices. [Read More]