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What To Know About Repairing Springs On Your Garage Door

When you purchased your home, you probably had the garage door inspected along with the rest of the house. Though this usually catches most issues, sometimes things like garage door springs are overlooked. You may have forgotten about it, until you woke up and the garage door would not open. That is when you probably thought about the springs and how one would likely need to be replaced. Before you get started on your garage door spring repair, consider a few things you should know.

Check the Motor

When you start the repair, make sure you check the motor on your garage door. In some cases, the motor may get stuck. This causes the motor to overwork and pull on the door springs. If the door springs are pulled too hard and stretched, it can break the springs. Use the remote to your motor, or the manual action, and listen for the motor. If the motor sounds like it is working normally, and seems to be working normally, then the repair is likely just a broken spring. If you do not hear the motor running, or the motor seems to be starting and stopping, then you may need to replace the motor along with the springs.

Check all the Springs

You may already know that you have one spring that needs repair. The key point to remember with this is that if one spring needs repair, others may need it as well. Go ahead and take a few minutes to check all the springs for rust, stretching, or possible breaks. If the springs seem to be worn out or seem to have some issues, go ahead and perform garage door spring repair on all affected springs.

Check for Blockages

If you locate the spring that needs repair, and you notice it isn't just due to rust, check for something blocking the garage door. Sometimes sticks, leaves, or other debris may get caught in the track. This causes the garage door to stall or not open, which puts pressure on the spring, and causes it to breakdown. Remove any blockages you see and clean the tracks to make sure that your garage door spring repair doesn't need to be revisited in a short amount of time.

By keeping these key points in mind, you will save yourself time by focusing directly on the issue that needs repair. If it looks like the spring is in an area you can't reach or may be directly connected to something electronic that you do not want to touch, call a professional, like one from AAA Garage Door, Inc., for assistance.