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3 Tips To Properly Lubricate Your Garage Door

Your garage door provides you with a number of added features to your home. For example, it provides insulation, protection, and adds a layer of privacy and convenience to your home. There are a number of problems that can befall your garage door, however. A commonplace issue revolving around your garage door is that it is not properly maintained. Among the ways in which a garage door is not properly maintained includes not properly lubricating it. Throughout the course of this brief guide are a few tips on properly lubricating your garage door.

Use The Right Lube

It's important to use the right lube for your garage door, lest you wind up damaging it. There are generally two types of lubes that you should use while lubricating your garage door. Apply motor oil to the springs and white lithium based grease to the roller tracks that you will find on either side of the garage door and leading upwards along the ceiling. By not using these lubes, you run the risk of damaging your garage door.


It might make sense to add as much lubrication as you possibly can to your garage door. The old adage, "The more, the merrier," does not apply when it comes to garage door lube application, however. A minimal amount of lubrication should usually suffice. You should use just a few small, quick squirts from your lube gun on the rollers, making sure that you hit different areas of the rollers. When it comes to the springs, you should use three large squirts from your motor oil can. Over-lubricating your garage door can wind up making it quite unstable. Many garage doors that suffer from over-lubrication are unable to safely stay affixed to the tracks.


Just as over-lubrication can cause a series of problems for your garage door, so can under-lubricating it. If you use less than the recommended amount (or, worse yet, if you simply fail to lubricate the garage door altogether), then the roller tracks and springs of your garage door can suffer serious wear and tear. Over time, this will cause the equipment to break down, meaning that you will have to pay a repair fee, or, worse yet, replace the garage door.

Making sure that your garage door is properly lubrication is important. Namely, it ensures that you will have a fully functioning door. Hopefully, you have learned a few important tips that will reward you with a healthy garage door. For more information, contact a company like Casp Enterprises Ltd Garage door repair