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What Can You Do To Fireproof Your Garage?

Garages can hold a lot of valuable stuff. Not only is it responsible for keeping your car safe, but it may also house other expensive machinery or valuables in storage.

Store Flammables in a Cabinet

There are plenty of flammable liquids that are usually stored in the garage. Any home improvement tools such as paint or varnish are potential sources of flammable goods to start a fire. Sometimes, you have extra gasoline stored in the garage. All of these volatile chemicals should be stored in a locked metal cabinet so that they can't spill out in your garage.

Be Careful About Spacing of Heat Sources

You also want to make sure that any heat sources are kept further away from your flammable liquids. Your car exhaust is an example of a garage heat source. If you use a space heater, this can be a significant source of heating as well. These should be spaced out from your flammables cabinet, from machinery that contains gasoline, and any other items that could potentially start a fire.

Clean Up Spilled Liquids

Any time you notice a spilled liquid, whether it be gasoline or varnish, make sure that you use proper procedures to thoroughly clean up these liquids. Each one has its own clean-up methods, since it can be difficult to completely remove these volatile chemicals from a surface; consult a garage expert.

Don't Use Heat-Generating Machinery in the Garage

Things like grills should never be used inside of the garage. There are too many combustible items that could be present to spark a fire.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher on Hand

You can also take the precautionary step of having a fire extinguisher placed in your garage. If you do run into issues, it will be easily accessible. Be sure that you keep the fire extinguisher from expiring, since the chemicals in the extinguisher are less effective after a certain date.

Keep a Well-Maintained Garage Door

Finally, make sure that your garage door installation is in good order. The biggest parts that can lead to a fire are electrical components that are malfunctioning. So be sure to check on the garage door opener, the smart control system and any other electrical parts when you notice that they aren't working correctly. If the door behaves erratically, have a garage door repair technician check the parts for malfunction to stop potential fire hazards before a fire emerges.