Finding Better Garage Doors

5 Risks Associated With Broken Garage Doors

A functional garage door is an indispensable part of your home, but unfixed problems can cause more harm than good. Even the tiny hitches can escalate to worse problems and cost significant damages. Always seek professional garage door repair or replacement services anytime you notice a problem. Otherwise, you predispose yourself to one or more of the dangers below.

1. Safety Risk

Most garage doors weigh 125 to over 300 pounds, and an issue could suddenly cause your door to come down. For example, a faulty cable or loose spring could give up under the weight of your garage door when you least expect it. If the door slams when you are at the scene, you could face severe injuries like bone fractures.

2. Vehicle Damage

The door's weight can damage your car if your garage door slams while you drive in or out. Since garage doors are heavy, you will have to seek significant repairs for your car or even get a new one. Since major car damage repair can cost you a lot, avoid the cost with early garage door repairs. Also, if you only have one car, the weeks or months of repair cause significant inconveniences.

3. Other Property Damage

The operational mechanism of your garage door involves various components that work together towards a final goal. However, a faulty part that goes unrepaired could damage the entire door and the concrete at your door's base. The cement can crack under the weight if your door suddenly falls.

4. Financial Drain

If you ignore minor hitches, the problem could escalate and require significant repair. In some cases, the situation can be so bad that a replacement is the only option. So, you will have to pay a hefty bill to get your door working again. Also, replacing the chipped concrete and the hospital bills for garage door accidents will likely drain your pocket.

5. Exposure to Theft and Vandalism

Garage doors protect your car and other properties that you store within the garage. Trucks, recreational vehicles, and pool maintenance equipment are some valuables at risk of theft. If your door can't close properly, thieves will find an easy way to get inside your property. Also, thugs could come in and harm you or your family.


To keep you, your family, and your property safe, never ignore or delay garage door problems. The consequences of unrepaired garage doors are extreme and sometimes irreversible. So when you notice anything off with your garage door, don't wait until you face a worse problem. Instead, immediately contact your local garage door repair services company for garage door repair services.