Finding Better Garage Doors

4 Simple Garage Door Repair Tips

Garage door repair issues can range from the simple to the challenging. If you're not sure whether the job calls for the attention of a professional, here are a few tips for figuring out whether the problem is a DIY one or not:

Check the Tracks

Many garage door problems start with the tracks that the doors roll on. It's worth taking the time to inspect the tracks for bends and dents. Oftentimes, small dings can be tapped out with the benefit of a rubber hammer or a large flathead screwdriver. Squirting a bit of silicone grease in the tracks may also help. You can then run the door down to the spot that has been straightened out to verify that the rollers can move freely.

Verify the Electrical System is Working

First, you should identify whether the power in the garage is working at all. Check whether the lights can be switched on. If everything else appears to be in order, test the sensor for the garage door by checking whether the receiving unit blinks when you try to trigger it. Should the blink not occur, you may also want to check the sending unit's battery.

Second, listen for any sounds in the motor when you try to run the door. If you hear any concerning sounds, such as unusual clunks and groans, stop running the door right away. It's better to hire a professional to inspect the motor than to risk burning it out.

Finally, if there is no power and there are no signs of life in the system, check the electrical panel in the garage. If you spot a blown fuse or a thrown breaker, try to remedy the problem at the source.

Check the Rollers

Uneven rollers can create problems with garage doors. Break out a level and verify whether the bottom of the door is level. It can be hard to eyeball the issue if it's slight, but try to even out the door by lightly tugging on it from the center. Don't force it, though. This approach is best for situations where the door still works but smooth operation isn't happening.

Tighten Up

Loose bolts, nuts, and screws are also frequent culprits. Sometimes the solution is as simple as breaking out a screwdriver and a wrench. Give every piece of hardware you can see a slight turn, but don't force them. Just hunt for loose ones.