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Winter Will Be Here Soon: Tips On Taking Care Of Garage Door Problems And Getting The Door Ready For Winter

Winter will be here soon, and you must take steps to get things ready outside. One important piece is the garage door. Doing this will help prevent problems during the winter months. To help you, below are common problems you may need to take care of with the garage door, and how to protect your garage door from winter.

Common Garage Door Problems

Some problems you may encounter with your garage door include:

Door Will Not Close All The Way

If your garage door will not close all the way, check if there is something blocking it. This is a safety feature to prevent injury to people and pets. If you are sure there is nothing blocking the door, it likely has a broken hinge or spring.

It could be something less serious, such as a problem with the garage door opener. You can check this by closing the garage door manually. If it closes all the way, the opener is likely the culprit.

Door Will Not Move

If you press the button on the garage door opener, hear a motor running, but nothing is happening, the gears may be stripped. If this happens, the chain that lowers and raises the garage door will shift and get off track. You may have to replace the gears and chains to resolve this.

Door Makes A Lot Of Noise When Opening

If your garage door is making a lot of noise while it is opening, the most common thing that can cause this is bad rollers. This is especially true if the rollers for your garage door are made of plastic, as plastic wears out quicker. If you have to replace the rollers, choose a more durable material, such as steel. These rollers will not only last longer, but open and close the garage door much smoother.

Get Garage Door Reach for Winter

Check the weather stripping around the garage door. If any of this stripping is deteriorating, loose, or having other problems, have it replaced. One way to determine if there are any breaks in the stripping is to go into your garage at night with the garage door closed. Shine a light around the garage door and see if you see any lighting coming through the weather stripping. If you do not replace weather stripping, cold air will get inside your garage, and heat will escape out.

Lubricate all moving parts to keep the garage door working properly. This includes the chains, rollers, hinges, and more. Purchase a lubricant that is made for garage doors.

Hire a garage door repair contractor to repair any problems you may be having. The garage door contractor can also help you winterize your garage door.