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Check These Two Issues If Your Garage Door Starts Malfunctioning

When garage doors stop working, it's usually because of something simple, such as a dead battery in the remote or the rollers slipping off-track. However, sometimes the problem is a little more complex than that. If you've checked the most common issues and the garage door still isn't functioning right, here are two things to investigate.

Disruption in the Wiring

A frequent cause of garage door problems that's not always readily diagnosed are issues with the wiring. This problem can manifest in one of two areas — the motor and the photo eye — and both are often caused by rodent activity or simple wear and tear.

When the wiring to the motor is damaged, that typically means the garage door simply isn't getting the surge of electricity needed to operate. Not only will the garage door fail to respond to the remote or the wall activator, but the motor won't turn or react to any manual operation. Visually inspect the cord going from the wall to the motor. If it's damaged, then you may need to replace the motor altogether.

If the motor appears to be working but the garage door still won't open or close, the wiring to the photo eye may be damaged. The photo eye tells the garage opener whether something is in the path of the door and will prevent the door from moving if there is. Usually, a malfunction here is caused by the dirty or misaligned photo eyes. If they appear to be clean and aligned correctly, then inspect the wires to make sure they haven't been damaged and replace them when necessary.

The Limit Switches Are Not Working Right

Sometimes the limit switches on the garage door will cause problems. These switches tell the motor when to engage and lift the door up or down, and there are a couple of them: an up-limit switch and a close-limit switch. You can tell these are likely the problem if:

  • The door only opens or closes halfway
  • The door reverses and opens right after it touches the floor
  • The door closes but refuses to open
  • The door opens but the motor continues running

If the door only opens halfway, the door opens after touching the floor, or the motor won't stop running after opening the door, then you will need to adjust the up-limit switch until the door starts working properly again. Problems where the door won't close all the way or reverses when it touches the floor typically indicate the close-limit switch needs adjusting.

For assistance with garage door problems or to have a professional take a look at your issue, contact a local residential garage door repair company.