Finding Better Garage Doors

Residential Garage Door Buying Guide

Are you shopping for garage doors for your new home? This is a decision that requires some thinking. You need to research styles, brands, and products to make sure you get the most practical system for your garage. That is, choosing the panel style is important, but it is not all you have to worry about. This article explains what buyers should consider if they are going to buy a brand new garage door system.

Windows Panels

Let's start out by discussing window panels. They might sound like a fun idea, but they usually aren't. Homeowners often regret having windowed panels because it takes away their privacy. You might think you want to let light into your garage, but you probably don't want people to see what you have stored inside. That fact of the matter is, the garage is usually the least organized and messiest room in your home. Do you really want people to be able to see what you have in your garage? If you are storing valuables in your garage, you certainly don't want burglars to be able to see what's inside. Play it safe and install solid panels.

Smart Phone Controls

Most modern garage door motors have simple interfaces so they can be paired with a smartphone. Using an application, you can open or close the garage. Of course, you can still use a traditional clicker, but having the freedom to also use a smartphone can be helpful. Also, you can check the status of your residential garage doors when you are away from the home. Did you forget to close your doors? Just check your app.

Keep it Neutral

When it comes to the style of your garage panels, you will be inundated with a plethora of ornate options. From natural wood grain to stone prints. These might seem stylish. In fact, they usually are. The main problem is that most people eventually change their exterior home style in one way or the other, meaning that their garage panels no longer match. For instance, if you paint your trim and/or walls, your garage panels might suddenly look out of place; this is why it is advisable to install solid color panels with neutral colors. These are not only cheaper, they are also going to match with more of the possible colors on the outside of your home.

These are three things you should look for when shopping for your new garage doors.