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3 Things That Can Cause Your Garage Door To Become Stuck

If your garage door is jammed in the mid-position, you might have to call a professional for repairs. There are several things you can do to maintain your door, but a professional usually needs to make repairs due to the weight of the door and the tension on the springs. Still, you want to have some idea of what's causing the problem. Here are three things that might be to blame.

Broken Spring

Your garage door won't work if the spring is broken or if the pulleys connected to it are broken or tangled up. If you heard a loud popping noise as the door was going up or down, that could have come from the spring. If the spring is broken, you can usually tell by looking at it. The spring is either on the top of the garage door or along the sides. When it's broken, you'll see a space somewhere in the spring where it came apart. Changing a garage door spring is a job that requires skill and experience because it is dangerous. If you suspect problems with the springs, call a garage door repair company for help.

Obstructed Track

This is a problem you might be able to fix yourself. Look at the track for something that might be in the way. If you store things in your garage, something might have fallen against the track and lodged there. That could block the door movement. Also, look for a bent track. If it is bent out of shape, you might be able to bend it back well enough for the rollers to move along it again. Another problem could be the rollers came completely out of the track or the track came loose from the garage. These are problems a professional needs to repair.

Malfunctioning Opener

The problem might not be with your garage door at all. It could be your opener instead. One way to tell is to pull the release on the door so you can operate it manually. If you can push the door open and pull it closed, then the problem is located in the opener and you'll probably need a repair person to diagnose the cause and repair it.

Garage door problems seem to happen at inconvenient times. One thing you can do to prevent problems as much as possible is to inspect the track and door occasionally for signs of loose screws and other trouble. Tighten anything that is loose and lubricate the tracks and rollers and hopefully you can prevent the need for frequent repairs. Visit a site like for more help.