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How To Replace A Garage Door Wall Control Switch

If your garage door won't open after you press the wall button, the panel is defective. A wall button enable you to operate the door without a remote.

When you press the button, it transmits a signal to the  door opener. Over time, the buttons can get damaged or wear out from much use. It is simple to replace a garage door wall control switch by following these tips.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • safety glasses
  • step-ladder
  • multi-meter with continuity setting
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • drywall anchors (optional)
  • hammer (optional) 
  • insulated wire staples (optional)
  • wire strippers
  • 22- gauge bell wire (optional)
  • power drill and one-quarter inch drill bit (optional) 
  • lighted wall control 

Position a step-ladder, so you can easily reach the wall control. Disconnect the opener cord from the wall. If the control is hard-wired, turn it off from the breaker in the electrical control panel. Run a multi-meter over the outlet to ensure no current exists.

Remove the Old Wall Control

Find the bell wire that attaches the switch to the opener. Use the flat-blade screwdriver to detach the two screws from bell wire on the panel. Remove the bell wire, and wrap the two ends together.  

Detach the mounting screws on the wall control with the Phillips screwdriver. Some models may have trim covers on the screw heads. To release the trim, slide a small flat-blade screwdriver under the trim, and pry it off. 

Disconnect the two wires from the back of the button. Some buttons may have three wires. Label the position of the wires with masking tape, or take a picture. Remove the old switch.

Attach a probe from the multi-meter to the bare end of each wire. A beep and a continuity reading indicates the wires are still good. Reattach the wires and tighten the connections.

Otherwise, replace the bell wire. Install a new bell wire between the opener and the switch, then hammer in wire staples to secure it.

Install the New Wall Control

Cut the wire ends of the old control with the wire strippers, then strip half an inch of insulation from each wire. Make a U-shape on the end of the wires, so they will fit the terminals on the new control switch. 

If the new control switch holes do not align with the old holes, mark the location on the wall. Drill holes and insert a wall anchor in each hole. 

Loosen the terminal screws enough on the new switch to accommodate the wires and attach the wires. Secure the control to the wall.

Restore power and test the new control switch. If it fails to light, disconnect the opener and try reversing wires.

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