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Trouble Selling Your Home? 4 Unfinished Home Repairs That Could Be Turning Buyers Off

If buyers are walking through your home on a regular basis, but you're not getting any offers, there could be a reason—or maybe even a few reasons why. While your home might only need a few minor and inexpensive repairs, you can't rely on buyers to see your home for the gem it truly is. More often than not, buyers only see what's wrong with a house, not what's right with it. The following are four unfinished home repairs that turn buyers off. 

Worn, Scratched, or Frayed Flooring

Perhaps nothing turns buyers off more than dirty, unsightly flooring. If your carpets are stained or if your tiles are cracked or missing, your potential buyers will notice. Consider replacing your carpeting if it's seen better days and repair any broken or missing tiles. If you're fortunate enough to have hardwood floors in your home, remove carpets and other flooring, then have your hardwood floors refinished. 

Broken or Unsightly Entryways

Dirty and broken doors make horrible first impressions. This is especially true if your locks are damaged or inoperable. For example, a faulty garage door opener, while easy to fix, could leave buyers wondering what else hasn't been repaired or maintained properly. If you want to impress buyers, you have to make the entrances to your home inviting and secure through front door or garage door repair.

Cracked, Peeling, or Stained Ceilings and Walls

You might think buyers won't notice that small stain on the dining room ceiling, but they will. In fact, buyers are on the lookout for signs of water damage, roof leaks, and foundation issues. To this end, they often inspect walls and ceilings to look for signs of trouble. If your walls and ceilings look horrible, paint them. However, if there is actual damage to the insulation or framework, don't consider paint as a solution to hide anything from buyers.

Crumbling Driveway and Sidewalks

Uneven, broken, and crumbling drives and sidewalks are not only ugly, they are dangerous. Plus, buyers know that pavement issues only get worse with time and the changing of the seasons. If you want to impress buyers, make sure all your paved surfaces are in great condition. 

Buyers don't want to purchase a house that requires a great deal of repairs right off the bat. If you want them to be interested in your home, you have to do the work for them. Seeing to a few projects around the house might very well translate into more offers and better offers down the road.